The Beauty of Grass

The feel of running on grass efficiently is second to none. Crisp quick steps with fluid forward motion and classic smooth strides is like a vibrant swatch of paint on canvas, noticeable, memorable, beautiful.

One might compare the sight of a runner coasting along the green with that of a skier making steep rugged terrain look like a dance in the clouds. The thought of a well oiled crew rowing together down the Charles river on a bright sunny fall morning with the bursting foliage lining the shores of the glassy waters edge.

To master this type of running can only truly be done with practice, much like anything else that appears graceful and effortless, there are many hours spent on the green.

The benefits of training on the grass is incredible, the level of balance, strengthening of the entire foot, ankle, calves, knees, hips right on through to the torso and neck. So many extra muscles are involved it is a sin it isn’t suggested more often in popular regimens. I understand why, it is rather difficult, but after working at near race pace on grass for a few miles, the road or track feels like a well waxed bowling alley.

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