Private Label Solutions for Clinics

Vitarunner specializes in streamlining private label supplement/nutraceutical solutions for alternative health clinics with one priority in mind - your patient's wellbeing.

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Vitarunner: Unleash your Potential with Neutraceuticals

At Vitarunner, we're making a difference in peoples' lives by helping them unlock their full potential with neutraceuticals. Our product offerings are carefully selected after extensive research and development, vendor acquisition and evaluation, and third party lab testing. By leveraging these strenghts, Vitarunner empowers Clinics to provide their customers with top-tier dietary supplements that are both safe and effective.

At Vitarunner, our mission is to give you what you need to help patients heal. We are disappointed with some of the products available on the market, and believe alternative health practitioners such as yourself have some of the keys related to product formulation and mixing that will help bring true healing to your patients. You know your patients best. Let us help you make a product designed for them.

From concept to completion, Vitarunner sees through each operation from start to finish, building robust, long-lasting product lines.

Services Offered

Order Fulfillment and Logistics Broker

Some of the main pitfalls associated with a private-line are order fulfillment and logistics. This is why we do the heavy lifting of ensuring a robust supply chain. We run maintenance checks on a regular basis in order to keep up with estimated annual usage projections and future market demands. We extensively research viable contract manufacturers, logistics companies, and vendors, and assemble all the moving pieces to ensure expedient delivery of high quality product.

Testing, Research and Development

When creating a new private-label supplement line, we understand the importance of developing a quality mix. This is a collaborative process which involves incredible insight from alternative health practitioners such as yourself! Rest assured, we ensure utmost attention to detail and quality of ingredients. This is a fun, exciting process where true innovation can take place! Let us help you formulate the best mix possible, while you retain full ownership and rights of the mix.

Design Development and Content Creation

We'll work with you to create high-quality product packaging that excites and stands out, positions you as a thought-leader in the industry, and helps build trust and credibility with your patients. We do this while avoiding the pitfalls of egregious label claims outside of GMP standards. We ensure quality over quantity; and truthful specifics rather than exaggerations. Our marketing and content team will help develop your brand to stand out amongst competitors.

About Us

Vitarunner was founded in 2021 and is a family owned business. We strive to serve alternative and natural health clinics due to leading research and testimonials proving the true effectiveness of their practice versus conventional medicine. Our journey is to help facilitate healing by providing practitioners with our support and attention.