Order Fulfillment and Logistics Broker

When creating a new private-label supplement line, the main pitfalls associated with scaling are order fulfillment and logistics. That’s why we first take the time to understand projected order volume and estimated annual usage, and then do extensive research of viable contract manufacturers, logistics companies, and vendors. We run compliance checks and third party lab testing on our products to ensure quality throughout the duration of transportation, warehousing, and delivery. When we offer this service, we take direct requests from clients as well as answer any questions they may have.

R&D, Testing, and Compliance

Testing, Research and Development (R&D) is a service we offer completely in-house. This is a collaborative process which involves incredible insight and input from naturopaths and physicians such as yourself! Rest assured, we ensure utmost attention to detail on quality of ingredients and mix specifications. We communicate with vendors to ensure quality. We also verify the product ingredients through third-party lab testing and validation. We run our labels by third party compliance and regulatory agencies to ensure legality.


Design, Marketing, and Sales Consultation

We understand the difficulties related to direct to patient products. Our primary goal here is to help facilitate patient trust in the effectiveness and quality of the product. Also, we are able to competitively price the market so that patients favor your product line over the competition.

That's why we offer full spectrum marketing consultation and design work in-house. We use a 5 step model which is made possible through studying the patient experience, market research, product presentation suggestions, trial runs which focus on effectiveness, and then finally implementation.